My name is Adam.

I am a Digital Creative with particular expertise in user interaction, user experience, motion graphics, gaming and web design.


My introduction into design, that is design with a structured approach, started at Sheffield Hallam University way back in 1995 where I studied Design and Applied Technology. It taught me various skills, including Ergonomics, Customer focused design, materials technology through to basic skills such as marker visualization and technical drawing. This education fed a desire to work in a creative industry.


After leaving college a difficult year forced me to innovate and set up a small graphic design service which taught me basic commercial survival skills, all the while searching for a position within a design conscious company. It was here that I was introduced to the power of computers. My first real digital projects were games developed for the Mega Drive; Micro Machines, I doubt many people will remember this, but if you imagine using a palette of 16 colours, two of which must be black and white, one must be transparent then you get a good idea of the challenges.


Move forward a year and we saw a revolution in gaming with the introduction of the PlayStation. Full 3d rendering, lighting, textured and shaded polygons, real animation and video playback. With a leap in hardware technology saw an associated leap with the software to develop the games. This saw my first introduction to 3d modelling and animation...


Fast forward to today, my current work is incredibly broad encompassing User Experience and User Interaction Design, motion graphics, visualisation and CGi to mobile app and web development. It is a fast moving environment and I relish the fact that I can be creating a Virtual Reality experience one day or working on a mobile app the next.

It is this exciting trajectory to my career that has placed me at the core of contemporary digital design and furnished me with the skills to bridge both online and offline experiences.